My name is Kim Pennasilico and I am a passionate, warm and enthusiastic Wedding Officiant & Ceremonial Speaker. 

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Ceremonial Wedding

Your real wedding day

Do you want to celebrate Your Wedding Ceremony outside office hours and in the venue of your dreams? A Ceremonial Wedding has many advantages and that is why more and more couples are choosing to marry this way. A ceremonial wedding is actually your real wedding day!

This is how it works: you already have your legal marriage license from the courthouse or marriage certificate from your registrar in the community where you are living. In many countries it is possible to register your marriage at your town hall during weekdays on a very low budget.

Your Wedding Officiant will be conducting the real Ceremony Celebration at a location and moment you decide! Please note that if you decide to marry officially abroad, you will be married according to the laws of that country. This may have significant consequences. So, this is one of the main reasons why many choose to do the official part in their own country and celebrate their wedding with a ceremony abroad

What is a wedding officiant?

A legal marriage in Europe can only be officiated by a judge, a mayor or a designated official and it is very common to separate the wedding from the marriage. Your Wedding Officiant will officiate a civil ceremony that is rather symbolic and will not be contracting your legal marriage. In the case of destination weddings, most couples get married in their country of origin in order to avoid all legal consequences of getting married the country where they are celebrating the wedding.

Are you going to get married in 2022 or 2023? I will be happy to officiate your Wedding Ceremony! Wherever it will be! 

I will be honored to be your Wedding officiant

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    Italian wedding

    Working together with the best local partners in Italy at the Amalfi Coast.

    Your Vows

    During your Wedding Ceremony, you do not just say: Yes, I do!

    Why Bilingual?

    I will make sure that all your loved ones will be part of the Wedding Ceremony.